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Crampons for hardboots splitboarding!

Most automated crampons for hardboots splitboarding comes in aluminum or steel. For most trips on snow a lightweight aluminum crampon will be the best choice, but on steeper lines with allot of ice and rocks the steel crampons are needed. Steel penetrates better on hard ice, holds better for climbing on hard ice and rocks. The aluminum crampons could get ruin on hard ice and rocks in a few trips.

The Black Diamond Neve Pro is a lightweight aluminum crampon for hardboots. The crampons are recommended for splitboarding and ski touring trips on snow only.

For climbing mix lines with snow and ice a steel crampon is recommended.

At first use the crampons will need to be adjusted to fit the boots. It´s a easy process where to put the crampons under the boots to measure the right length of the boots, then the adjustable arm with holes between the front and back parts get put into the right position to fit the length of the boots. The adjustable arm with holes has numbers on it so it is easy to remember the right fit if it ever get moved. On the heel bail there is a screw that also need to be adjusted up and down to get it to fit into the right position when locking it. Last there is a fast lock strap that goes from the heel bail around the boots to lock the crampons to the boots and for extra security when climbing.

The crampons fit tight under the boots, easy to get on & off and feel really light.

These automated crampons sit tight to the boots the whole trip and makes for a much tighter feeling when climbing compared to strap on crampons that can be a bit loose after many steps.

Hiking on steeps in hard pack snow conditions these got the right qualities to make every steep sit tight. They pack together small with sliding the front and back parts together on the adjustable arm. A packing bag that fit the crampons with plastic bottom for durability and a mesh top for easy drying can be bought separately.