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Gear: Amplid Milisurf Splitboard

The board is tested with hardboots only. Riding it with hardboots gives a different board feeling and the flex of the board feels like it behaves differently than riding it with softboots. Normally the board is easier to hike on with hardboots. Normally riding the board gives better board feeling with soft boots. The testing period has more than 30 days experience of touring and riding on the same Milisurf splitboard.

The first impression to mention on the Milisurf is how lightweight the board is. Out on the first trip with the board it feels like a new freedom to go touring with such a lightweight setup. Almost like a new upgrade again from back in the days when changing from snowshoes to splitboard. The board shape is a modern swallowtail with traction camber profile made from carbon and the lightest wood types. The hiking setup on the Milisurf has the touring brackets attachment holes placed almost like on a ski with much longer nose than tail and has almost a flat short swallowtail with a little bent up furthest back. That makes for better traction, edge control and weight distribution on the skin track than with a traditional board that has the touring brackets holes almost in the center with a more bent tail. The kick turns first steps is easier to do with this board because of the short tail, but the last parts of the kick turn is harder to do because of it´s longer nose compared to a more traditional board shape. The board feels real light and easy to hike with. Specially for making hiking easier on skin tracks and steeps this board has the right qualities. The tail has holes for easy attachment for skins. It makes it easier to take the skins on and off than with a board that don´t have holes for the skins. There are pre cut Kohla Amplid skins that is made for the Milisurf. They were used during the testing. The skins are made from a mix of 65% mohair and 35% nylon. They are easy to take on and off, have good traction in the skin track and have medium glide. The glue stick to the board the whole trips during the test period. The board has a top sheet that is made to not get warm by sunlight. That to keep less snow to stick on the top of the board. At first it seems like less snow builds up on it, but after a while it feels like it builds up almost the same amount of snow as on other boards. The ride setup on the Milisurf is a traction camber with a set back stance, short swallowtail and a long wide concave nose. That makes for better float in powder, easier turning in powder and easier turning in steep terrain than with a more traditional board shape with more center stance and longer tail. On really steep terrain with hardpack snow conditions or sastrugi the board edge can feel a bit grippy. The board feels real easy to ride and turn with. It also makes for a more surfy snowboard style. Specially for making riding easier on powder, carving and couloirs this board has the right qualities. The sintered base of the board is really fast in the beginning, but it needs regular waxing to not dry out. Specially from to much skin usages without waxing will make the snow stick easy to the base after taking the skins of at the top. The Ampid splitboard hooks, nose and tail clips is very easy to use and holds the board perfect togheter with very little slack after much usages compared to other boards. The splitboard hooks can also be tightened to keep the board tighter together if needed after allot of use. Some experience that the carbon boards break or ding easily, but nothing of that was registered during the testing period.

The Milisurf is one of the best choices on the market today when it comes to a lightweight splitboard for powder riding, carving and couloirs. For a lightweight more traditional splitboard shape the brother Milligram might be one the best choices.

For more info on the Amplid Milisurf: https://www.amplid.com/splitboards/split/1072/millisurf-split

Or for Norway: https://www.revert.no/amplid-millisurf-split

This type lightweight splitboard shape have been waited for in a few years. It might be the standard splitboard type that will be the norm for splitboarding and splitboard rentals in the future. Almost like the standard ski touring shape that have been the norm for years now. This might be the one for splitboarding.